Monday, April 14, 2008

Chaosradio Express on Lisp

Last week, I have been a guest at Tim Pritlove's Chaosradio Express and he interviewed me about Lisp. The podcast is in german, we talked about how I came to Lisp and what I think it is about.

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  1. I just finished listening to the CRE084 podcast - and enjoyed it a lot! Highly recommended for (German-speaking) developers who want to learn a bit more about this funny ol' language.

    In particular, thanks for being candid and straightforward about problems in the language and particular its community.

    I second your thoughts about how other languages and their ecosystems have advantages over Lisp when it comes to team development. However, it can be done - in my company, we've been using Lisp in a team for over 17 years now.

    Thanks again for this podcast, your blog (which the podcast helped me discover), and your work in the Lisp community!