Thursday, May 12, 2011

Orphaned (?) projects on has moved to a new (virtual) box and in the process, we are cleaning up a little. One particular thing came to my attention: The maintainers of a number of projects can no longer be reached under the email address that they have registered with, so moderation requests bounce (to me). Either these projects have gone stale (even the maintainer lost interest), it is an oversight, or it is just an error that should be fixed. So, please check the list below and let me ( know if you know how to reach the maintainer(s). Projects that we don't get any replies for will eventually have their mailing lists be closed. Thank you for your help!

List of projects:

  • cffi
  • cl-magick
  • cl-match
  • cl-mpd
  • cl-soap
  • cl-stm
  • ecl
  • elephant
  • gecol
  • morphologie